Ledbury Hunt Puppy Show - Tuesday 22nd June 2021

On a fine day with a good attendance of members and guests, one and a half couple of dog hounds and eight couple of bitches were judged by Oliver Dale MFH (North Cotswold) and Rowan Cope MFH (Quorn)

The Hunt trophies were then awarded as follows:

The Nimrod Champion Memorial Trophy For the Best Young Hound (Champion) Winner - Dreamy walked by Deni Harper-Adams

The Holt-Needham Bowl For the Reserve Champion

Winner - Drummer walked by Donald Haden

The Mrs Ian Bullough Cup For the best Working Dog hound entered in 2020

Winner - Granite walked by Mrs W Sharpley

The Captain H A Clive Silver Tray For the best Working Bitch entered in 2020

Winner - Shady walked by Deni Harper-Adams

The Hound Sponsors Silver Tankard For the sponsor of the best working hound from whole pack

Winner -John Roper who sponsored Racket ‘19

The Philip Warner Memorial Tankard for longest walked puppies in 2019/20

Winner - The Philipson-Stow children who walked Drama and Drastic

Hound Sponsors

Donald Haden reported that a record £2150 has been raised this last season with more than eighty hounds sponsored. The £100 prize draw for hound sponsors was won by Angus Macfarlane who sponsored Growler ‘20.

Donald went on to say that having initiated and run this scheme now for twenty-five years he felt it was time to retire and pass on the task to a younger person.

Anyone interested should contact the Chairman or Secretary.

Bryony Sharpley-picture of a hound puppy.

Ed Philipson-Stow announced the presentation of a new award to be given in memory of Bryony Sharpley who sadly passed away last year having walked puppies from 2009 until 2020. Bryony’s husband William has commissioned a drawing of Dribble the last hound puppy she walked. Ten prints of this picture have been made, one to be awarded each year at the discretion of the Joint-Masters. This year the award was presented to our Hunt Secretary, Helen Smith.

After the presentations the judges both spoke congratulating the Hunt staff on the excellent condition of the Kennels and the way hounds were shown. This was followed by the serving of afternoon tea in the stable yard quadrangle and then further refreshments in Mark and Vicki’s garden.